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Often we feel so helpless when someone we love is suffering. I am fortunate to be able to help my clients with their journey of hair loss and restoring their confidence and seeing their excitement about seeing the results of their new hair.

With over 25 years experience The Hair Clinic offers a unique personal service also with specialized treatments. Carmela Challis is the Salon Director and Hair Loss Consultant she has advanced her talents and skills, she is passionate and committed and is now a hair loss specialist and offers a revolutionary Non-surgical replacement treatments for women and men. She is now a member of Trever Sorbie’s “My New Hair”

Carmela has advanced her talents and skills and is now a member of Trever Sorbie’s “My New Hair”
Carmela is now a hair pieces specialist and can customise your hair piece to suit.

My New HairLondon

It is a pioneering new charity founded by and inspired my Trevor Sorbie MBE. We understand hair loss can affect you on many different levels and the anxieties it can cause and all its members including Carmela. Personal, professional, one to one advice can be given when the clients sometimes feels there is no one to turn to.

Wig Bank

Carmela works along side this charity. NHS charges on prescription hairpieces are very expensive. This is one of the reasons the charity was formed. Brand new hairpieces are sourced direct from the manufacturers. They are approximately three times less expensive than normal outlets. Carmela can offer all kinds of advice, which can be provided before a client purchases their hairpiece. This is important because the styling after fitting to give a natural look is crucial.

Lincoln County Hospital

Carmela for the past two years has work with and supported “The Breast Clinic Unit” in Lincoln offering advice in all aspects of hair loss. I feel that helping these women with medical hair loss helps them take their first steps towards looking and ultimately feeling themselves again. The tips and advice given can empower them boosting a positive body image again.
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