Hair Loss

At The Hair Clinic we know much of an impact thinning hair can have on your confidence. This is why we can now offer a superb, wide range of hair replacement systems to suit those suffering from various hair loss conditions.

Clients come from far and wide for our services we aim to make every visit a unique individual experience. Private one to one consultations are always carried out free of charge.

Hair Conditions our range of hair replacement systems can help with:

  • HRT / Menopause
  • Post Pregnancy
  • Stress – Men & Women
  • Alopecia – Men &Women
  • Full Hair Loss – Men & Women
  • Chemotherapy – Men & Women
  • Trichotillomania.
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Non Surgical Replacement(A fantastic alternative to wigs)

The non-surgical replacement is a lightweight breathable system for full hair loss sufferers. Once fitted this remains on the scalp at all times and looks and feels like your own hair. Normal activities like swimming, gym, saunas and normal day-to-day activities can be carried out with full confidence.

Due to the method of fitting it doesn’t affect the natural hair that is recovering underneath. The Hair Clinic supplies a second service for any maintenance at intervals, which involves removing the hairpiece and treating the scalp and new natural growth before replacing and styling the hairpiece.

Frontal Lace Hair Pieces

This saves the natural hairline and comprises of a non-surgical replacement. Although it is fitted at the front it can cover the sides and back. It is fitted much like a normal hairpiece. These are custom made to the highest specification and are made to measure.


Volumiser is for clients that are suffering from up to 80% hair loss. It is a lightweight undectable method that feels natural. Maintenance involves regular check ups every six to eight weeks depending on the client’s needs and life style. Realignment is normally carried out after six to nine months.

Volumisers can also be fitted once a client is in their second stage of hair recovery from chemotherapy and can also be fitted after a non-surgical replacement hairpiece has been removed.


Wigs can be supplied in natural or synthetic hair. The Hair Clinic can fit and style to suit each clients needs..

Mens Hair Replacement

Single implanted pieces give a better affect than a hair transplant at more affordable prices.

Camela , after extensive training has brought a unique service for men suffering with hair loss for all ages. There is a solution for any problem. Pieces are made to the highest specification to suit every need. Free confidential consultation is given on a one to one basis.

Camela also specialises in styling hairpieces as well advising on scalp care.

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